eRCM Express™

Powered by eRCM™ Modeling Software

  • Empowers UCP with dynamic speed and pressure safety limits
  • Predicts safe performance across unit’s full operating map
  • Calculates full rod loads and pin reversals per throw
  • Simple — just connect the power and Ethernet cables
  • Provides OEM-compatible modeling
  • Improves capacity and reduces costs
  • Models single and multi-stage units

eRCM ExpressRemove operating map constraints from your reciprocating compressor. Allow it to achieve its full performance.

eRCM Express™ is an industrial computer that powers proven eRCM™ reciprocating compressor modeling technology and communications firmware.
Packaged in a NEMA 4 enclosure (12”x16”x9”), it hosts the ACI Certified, customer-approved eRCM Viewer™ file. Mountable on the side of an existing (or new) unit control panel (UCP), the enclosure has two (2) armored cables exiting from the bottom. Both cables terminate inside the UCP: one on its 24 VDC power termination strip, and the other plugs into the UCP Controller industrial Ethernet port (ModBus/TCP Master).

eRCM Express™ operationally becomes a trusted UCP coprocessor. It receives real-time unit operating point data inputs from the UCP including the unit’s Current Load Step setting. In response, it returns eRCM™ based compressor performance and safety advisor (CPASA) outputs that are critical to the UCP’s sequential and regulatory control, and to safety shut down (C&SD) logic.
CPASA outputs identify the safety and availability of Next Load Step (LS) Up, Next LS Down, and Ideal LS. Those settings are used by C&SD logic to safely optimize overall compressor performance. Other CPASA outputs identify safe min/max speed and suction pressure limits — used by C&SD logic to safely regulate capacity according to nomination targets. Additional CPASA outputs predict OEM-compatible rod load and crosshead pin reversal states — used by C&SD Logic to protect the unit from catastrophic failure.

eRCM Express manual

eRCM Express Diagnostic Software


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